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Fostering a culture of diversity, creativity, and innovation

Finding the right training for your team shouldn't be a puzzle. Yet, many organisations struggle to find programmes that fit their unique needs. This isn't just about skill development; it's about building a team that can adapt, collaborate, and innovate in today's fast-paced world.

The Challenge

  • Finding the Fit - It feels like every training program is one-size-fits-all, leaving you to figure out how it can work for your diverse team.

  • Keeping Pace - Change is constant, but your team feels stuck, struggling to evolve and work together creatively.

  • Valuing Diversity - You believe that your team's diversity is its strength, not a hurdle. But how do you turn different perspectives into innovative solutions?

You're not alone in this. The quest for effective, tailored training is a common hurdle for organisations aiming to leverage their team's full potential.

Tailored Training by Experts Who Understand

At BHVA, we don't just offer training; we provide solutions crafted by individuals whose careers have been dedicated to fostering growth, innovation, and meaningful change. Meet Beccy and Lindsey, the driving forces behind our unique approach to organisational training.


Beccy - The Strategic Innovator

Before her time with BHVA, Beccy carved a notable path through the corporate world and public sector projects, showcasing her flair for strategy and innovation. Leading initiatives in London's business centres and steering a £50 million construction project for local government, her career is a testament to her ability to navigate and reshape complex landscapes. Beccy's contributions have spanned from revolutionising customer service departments to crafting pivotal sustainability and housing policies. Her expertise is further deepened by her status as a Level 7 qualified coach, positioning her uniquely to drive transformative change and unlock latent potential within organisations.


Lindsey - The Engagement Expert

Lindsey's extensive 23-year career across various educational settings has honed her exceptional ability to engage diverse audiences and foster meaningful connections. Her expertise in building partnerships shines through her work, connecting entities across Northamptonshire and internationally, demonstrating a remarkable capacity for creating collaborative networks. Specialising in designing workshops and programs that captivate and resonate with all participants, Lindsey has a unique talent for enhancing engagement, especially among those traditionally hard to reach. Her global projects, from the UK to Uganda with prestigious organisations like the British Council and the Arts Council, underscore her adeptness in leveraging education for broader community and organisational impact. Lindsey's approach translates seamlessly into the corporate world, where her strategies for engagement and partnership building drive innovation and inclusivity.

Your Path to a More Innovative Team

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Implement and Grow

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Our Courses

Start Your Transformation

This course helps anyone who wants to get better at public speaking and presenting.

Whether you're talking in a business meeting or just want to improve how you communicate in general, this course offers various ways to boost your confidence and ability to speak clearly to an audience.

Help your organisation grow stronger by creating a welcoming environment that values everyone's unique differences.

This course teaches your team about diversity, with a special focus on understanding disabilities and neurodiversity. Using hands-on activities and real-life examples, we'll help everyone build empathy, communicate better, and learn how to make the workplace welcoming and easy for everyone to access. By the end of the training, your team will not only grasp the real meaning of diversity and inclusion but will also know how to actively make your workspace truly inclusive.

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