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Transforming lives through art, making learning, growth, and wellness engaging and accessible for all.

Whether it's enabling a child to explore new ways of learning, aiding an adult in their career progression, or facilitating therapeutic healing through movement and music, our programmes aren't just about arts; they're about harnessing the power of creativity to create meaningful change.

What makes us different?

At the heart of our approach lies the profound belief in the transformative power of arts in education, personal development, and health.

What truly sets us apart is our ability to blend art and science in uniquely tailored programmes across BHVA's Arts4Learning, Arts4Development, and Arts4Health. We use the arts as a tool to ignite curiosity and enhance learning, foster personal growth and employability, and promote physical and mental well-being.

Our commitment to inclusivity allows us to cater to diverse audiences, from children to adults, individuals with neurodiverse needs, and those at risk in the community.


Unleashing Potential through Artistic Expression

Arts4Learning is a cutting-edge educational initiative that is revolutionizing the way we approach learning and development for children and young adults. Our specially crafted programmes cater to individuals and schools, utilizing the arts as a powerful tool for enhancing core curricular subjects and revitalizing the love of learning.

Bespoke Programmes to Ignite the Spark of Creativity

Each Arts4Learning programme is a unique work of art, carefully tailored to the individual or group involved. Our versatile programmes are designed to assist in achieving milestones, targets, and to bolster the social and emotional wellbeing of our participants, especially those who find themselves at risk of disengaging from the traditional educational setting.

Reach for the Stars, No Matter the Starting Point

We believe in the potential of every child, regardless of their age or abilities. This belief extends to children with neurodiverse needs who might be struggling to meet their goals in conventional learning environments. By linking with AQA and their Unit Award scheme, as well as Trinity College's Arts Award, we offer these children a chance to explore, enjoy, and excel in their educational journey.

Arts in Action: Where Qualifications Meet Passion

With Arts4Learning, children and young adults have the unique opportunity to obtain valuable qualifications while exploring their passion for the arts. Not only are they learning, but they're also getting the chance to showcase their talent and dedication through awards and certificates.

Arts4Learning is not just a programme - it's a movement. A movement that uses the power of arts to foster curiosity, inspire creativity, and ignite a passion for learning. So, let's dream, create, and inspire together. The journey of artistic discovery and academic enhancement awaits.

Pricing: An Investment in the Future

Our tuition fees start from £98/hour and can extend up to £147/hour, depending on the specific needs of the child or young person. While we understand that this is an investment, we firmly believe in the profound long-term benefits our programme delivers, making each session worth every penny.

Mae Stephens


Life Skills, Artfully Mastered

Arts4Development uses the transformative power of arts to inspire and facilitate personal growth. Our uniquely tailored programmes cater to a diverse demographic, from children to adults. We use the universal language of the arts to foster and develop both hard and soft skills through our meticulously crafted coaching and mentoring sessions.

Beyond Traditional Learning: Harnessing the Power of Soft Skills

Our programmes offer a comprehensive approach to personal development. Using measurable matrices, we track and enhance skills such as confidence, communication, problem solving, participation and engagement, relationship building, motivation, teamwork, self-belief, and ideas generation. Through this intentional focus, we provide tangible evidence of improvement and a road map for ongoing growth.

Personalized Pathways to Success

Every individual is unique, and so is every Arts4Development programme. Whether you're a young person with Social, Emotional, and Mental Health needs looking to enhance your soft skills, or an individual eager to boost your employability status with a mix of hard and soft skills, we have you covered. For those looking to further their careers, stay tuned for our online training options, along with our in-person group training opportunities.

Your Growth, Your Pace, Your Place

Our programmes are accessible either face-to-face or virtually, accommodating your preference and circumstances.

Trusted Partners in Growth

We are proud to be approved suppliers for the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP), focusing on improving employability skills. Our partnership with the Community Initiative to Reduce Violence (CIRV) allows us to provide early interventions for those at risk of involvement in Knife Crime, County Lines, and Modern Slavery.

A Journey of Self-Discovery and Empowerment

Each Arts4Development session is designed around reflection, goals, and a growth mindset, allowing participants to witness their own achievements. Our coaches and tutors facilitate these sessions, encouraging participants to arrive at their own answers, fostering independent learning, and cultivating initiative throughout the process.

Arts4Development isn't merely a programme; it's an artistic journey that enhances personal growth, boosts professional development, and nurtures life skills through the enchanting world of arts. Together, let's discover, evolve, and soar to new heights.


Healing Through the Harmony of the Arts

We believe that the arts are an essential catalyst for health and wellbeing. Our Arts4Health programmes use the transformative power of dance, music, and movement to nurture neural pathways and create a vibrant, holistic approach to health that is as fun as it is effective.

Dance - The Symphony of the Body

Dance isn't just a form of expression; it's a journey into wellness. It attunes us to our body, alleviates day-to-day stress points, and helps improve posture. Dancing in a group isn't merely an activity; it's a social experience that triggers beneficial chemical releases in the brain. Through dance, you build trust within yourself and with others, all while enhancing your fitness, mobility, balance, and locomotion.

Music - The Heartbeat of Health

Through singing and music, we orchestrate wellness. Our uniquely designed programmes help improve both gross and fine motor skills, often incorporating tools like boom whackers for an engaging experience. Research shows that moving while singing aids balance and even slows memory loss, transforming a beautiful pastime into a beneficial health practice.

A Universal Prescription for Wellbeing

Our movement classes are designed to keep your body in motion and prevent muscle atrophy. Singing, apart from its pure joy, is backed by a wealth of research highlighting its benefits for mental wellbeing. From aiding stroke rehabilitation to mitigating and slowing the onset of conditions such as dementia and Parkinson's, the arts provide a therapeutic touch that conventional methods often overlook.

Arts4Health is more than a programme; it's a lifestyle. A lifestyle where health is not a chore, but a celebration. We welcome you to join our community as we paint, dance, sing, and sculpt our way towards a healthier, happier life. The rhythm of wellness awaits.

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