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Find your space to shine in voice, art, drama, dance, and music with personalised and group experiences tailored just for you.

At Amplify, we understand the thirst for a space where your creativity can flourish. Faced with the challenge of limited access to personalised and engaging arts education, we offer a sanctuary for your talents to grow, guided by empathy, understanding, and expertise.

Feeling stuck and unsure about your creative potential is a common hurdle. But it's a hurdle we help you overcome. Amplify is your partner in unveiling the true extent of your talents, making sure every voice is heard, every stroke is seen, and every move is felt.

Step into a world where your creative ambitions are not only encouraged but nurtured to bloom. With Amplify, you join a community that listens, inspires, and cheers you on at every step of your artistic journey.

Your creativity deserves to shine. Let Amplify be the place it happens.

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Dive into a learning experience designed just for you. Your pace, your goals.

Designed for kids. Learn, grow, and create with others who share your passion

A place for creativity to take its roots in your organisation. Helping you to grow.

Meet Mae Stephens...

Once a shy 14-year-old struggling to find her place in school and life, Mae Stephens' story is a testament to the transformative power of dedicated mentorship and the nurturing environment provided by the Amplify department at BHVA. Passionate about the arts yet feeling out of sync with her peers, Mae's journey began with sessions that were as much about building her confidence as they were about honing her artistic talents.

From the outset, it was clear Mae had a spark waiting to be ignited. Early sessions often started with Mae offloading the challenges of her day, a crucial step in creating a space where she felt seen and heard. These moments were not just about venting; they were the foundation of building Mae's confidence, piece by piece.

Mae's journey from a struggling teenager to a world-renowned artist embodies the essence of the Amplify department's mission: to foster talent, build confidence, and support each individual's unique journey. Mae's success is a shared celebration, a reminder of the incredible potential that lies within the supportive, nurturing environment of BHVA.

Because everyone deserves the chance to explore and grow their talents without barriers.

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