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Our journey began in the vibrant world of creative arts, a path that has not only shaped us as artists but as leaders, educators, and advocates. Through the arts, we discovered powerful skills — creativity, communication, resilience — that transcend the studio and stage, enriching our lives in education, business, and community leadership. Inspired by our own transformation, we're dedicated to unlocking this potential in others. Our mission is to guide individuals in exploring their creative talents, developing their personal and professional skills, and empowering them to lead and inspire in all aspects of their lives.

Our ethos is simple – everyone has a story to tell, a song to sing, or a dance to share. We believe in the transformative power of the arts to enrich lives and communities. By making arts accessible to all, we aim to foster confidence, creativity, and a sense of belonging.

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What to share

What to Share and What to Keep

April 11, 20243 min read

Unlocking the Secret to Effective Knowledge Sharing in Education and Coaching

Today, we're peeling back the curtain on a topic that's close to our hearts and crucial for anyone in the field of teaching, mentoring or coaching: the art of knowledge sharing. It's a dance between revealing what you know and holding back just enough to ignite curiosity.

In a world brimming with information, it's tempting to want to prove our expertise by sharing every bit we've learned. However, the real magic of teaching isn’t in the quantity of knowledge shared, but in the quality and relevance of what’s chosen for sharing.


The Overwhelm of Knowing It All

There's a common misconception that to be effective educators or coaches, we must unload all our knowledge onto our students or clients. This approach, however, can quickly lead to disengagement and overwhelm. Our mission is more noble and subtle: to kindle the spark of curiosity, guide the journey of discovery, and nurture the seeds of growth.

The Balance of Teaching, Mentoring, and Coaching

Reflecting on our roles, we recognise the importance of adapting our approach based on the situation. Whether we’re teaching, mentoring, or coaching, the goal remains the same: to facilitate learning in the most engaging and effective way possible. But how we reach that goal varies greatly.

  • Teaching involves imparting knowledge, but it's crucial not to overwhelm.

  • Mentoring is about solving problems together, guiding through the maze.

  • Coaching takes a step back, asking the right questions to lead learners to their own conclusions.

A Real-World Example


So what made us want to share this with you? Picture a large conference room, buzzing with the energy of eager learners. A renowned speaker takes the stage, promising insights and strategies. However, as minutes turn into hours, the energy dims. The speaker, though knowledgeable, simply recites information, leaving no room for interaction or personal interpretation. This experience, rather than enlightening, felt like a missed opportunity for genuine learning. It served as a vivid reminder that engagement is not just about what we say, but how we say it.

Facilitating learning means allowing learners to see themselves in the knowledge shared, to apply it to their lives, and to feel empowered to explore further.

Tips for Knowledge Sharing

  1. Understand Your Audience: Dive deep into understanding who you're sharing with. Tailor your approach to their unique needs, backgrounds, and aspirations.

  2. Facilitate, Don't Dictate: Create spaces for exploration and self-discovery. Encourage learners to ask questions, make connections, and find their own paths.

  3. Ask, Don’t Tell: Pose questions that challenge and inspire. Let the learners arrive at their own insights, which will be more meaningful and lasting.

  4. Share Strategically: Choose wisely what to share. Not every piece of knowledge is immediately necessary. Focus on what will truly benefit the learner at that moment.

  5. Encourage Application: Ensure learners have opportunities to apply what they’ve learned. Real-world application makes knowledge stick and become truly impactful.

Why This Matters

In an information-saturated age, the real challenge for educators and coaches is not just in acquiring knowledge but in sharing it effectively. Adopting a thoughtful, learner-centred approach not only empowers our students but transforms learning into a dynamic, collaborative journey.


By fostering curiosity, allowing for self-discovery, and carefully choosing what we share, we unlock the full potential of our learners.

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