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Technique or Performance?   

September 28, 20232 min read

Today, we're diving into an age-old debate: Technique or Performance? The secret? You need both in a harmonious blend!

1. The Two Sides of the Coin

Performance or Technique?

Technique and performance are truly like two sides of the same coin. The technique is the foundation – the hours of practice and perfection. Performance, on the other hand, is the emotion, the intent, the story you tell. Just think of a musician: without technique, the notes might be wrong, but without performance, the music lacks feeling.

2. The Great Teacher Dilemma

Not all top-grade students make impactful teachers. Sometimes, it's less about academic prowess and more about connection. A teacher might know their subject inside out, but it’s their ability to connect, understand, and empathise with students that makes lessons memorable. The same applies in business and everyday life.

3. The Magic of Connection

Performance or Techniques

From conservatoires to classrooms, being skillful is just the beginning. The next step is sharing that knowledge in a way that resonates. After all, the essence of teaching, performing or business lies in your ability to form genuine connections.

4. Intention is Everything

A technically perfect performance can leave audiences cold if it lacks heart. Remember dancers who execute every move flawlessly, but without the story or emotion behind it? It's like watching a movie on mute. Your intention—what message or emotion you wish to convey—is the sound.

5. Authenticity Reigns Supreme

In arts or business, authenticity is your best asset. Think about why we choose certain brands over others or why we cherish specific friendships. It's often due to genuine connections and authentic stories. So, what’s your story? How can you present it authentically?

6. The Power of Vulnerability

Technique or Performance?

Showing your raw, unfiltered self can be daunting, but it's often the most memorable. Embracing vulnerability not only strengthens your connection with the audience but also makes your performance unforgettable.

7. Technique and Intention: Better Together

When choosing a piece to perform or a topic to teach, go with what you connect with deeply. This emotional connection will be your driving force to hone your technique. Like a singer choosing a song that resonates with their own experiences will often give a more heartfelt performance which will then connect with your audience.

8. Nurturing Young Expressions

Fostering creativity and expression from a young age creates confident individuals who aren't afraid to share their thoughts. Engaging in open dialogue with youngsters ensures they feel heard and valued.

Technique or Performance?

Balancing technique and performance is an art in itself. By staying genuine, constantly evolving, and keeping your audience at the heart of what you do, you can master this delicate balance. As you navigate your journey, take moments to reflect and adjust. The ultimate goal is ensuring your audience not only witnesses your art but feels a deep connection to it.

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Lindsey Atkins

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