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Find Your Own Way!

August 17, 20233 min read

Exploring Alternative Ways to Success

We’ve got a fascinating topic for you today all about exploring different ways to do things, finding your own path, and why it's okay to challenge the 'norm.' Here's what we've discovered:

Find Your Own Way

1. There's Always Another Way

Life often tells us that we must follow a certain path or do things a certain way. But guess what? There's always another way. From how we approach our goals to how we handle day-to-day tasks, we don't always have to follow the crowd.

Top Tip: If a hurdle arises, don't just try to jump over it. Maybe you can go around it or even smash right through it. Be creative in your approach, and don't be afraid to explore different solutions.

2. Don't Follow Blindly

Beccy shared a great story about her 100K walk and how she chose not to climb over a stile like everyone else but went around it. The lesson here? Just because others are doing something doesn't mean it's the only way or even the best way.

Top Tip: Always take a moment to assess the situation and explore alternative paths. What may be best for others might not be the best for you.

3. Embrace Your Creativity and Be Unique

History shows us that some of the greatest inventions came from thinking outside the box. Apple didn't invent the iPod by following what everyone else was doing; they explored a new way of listening to music.

Top Tip: Embrace your creativity, and don't be afraid to try something different. Sometimes the path less traveled leads to success. 

Find Your Own Way

4. Learn to Say "No"

Sometimes, finding a different way means learning to say "no." Saying "no" when it's right for you is empowering and allows you to manage your life more effectively.

Top Tip: Learn to say "no" when it's in your best interest. It's not about being difficult; it's about standing up for yourself.

5. Seek Help When Stuck

If you find yourself stuck and unable to move past a roadblock, don't hesitate to seek help. Find a coach or someone objective who can help you see things from a different perspective.

Top Tip: Choose someone who knows you on a professional level and understands your situation. They can provide guidance without bias.

Find Your Own Way

Top Tips for Trying Different Ways

Do Your Research: Look around, don't just take others' words for it.

Dare to Be Different: It can be empowering and help you find your way.

Ask for Help: If you're stuck, find someone who helps you find the answers.

Have Fun and Play: Experiment, try, and remember to enjoy the process.

Trust, understanding, flexibility, and a willingness to experiment are at the core of successful teaching and learning. It's about trying new things, seeing if they work, learning from the process, and continuing to strive for the best ways to engage and empower students. Just keep trying, play and when it's right, you'll find the way that works for you.

Remember, finding your own path isn't about rejecting the norm for the sake of being different. It's about listening to your inner voice, daring to try new things, and realizing that the path less travelled might be the one meant for you. Your success might just be waiting for you to find it in your unique way.

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Lindsey Atkins

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