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Welcome to an inspiring world where arts are not just practiced, but lived and celebrated. At BHVA, we provide a dynamic and inclusive space where everyone, irrespective of age or ability, can express, explore, and elevate their creative spirit.

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Led by Beccy Hurrell and Lindsey Atkins, our team is passionate about making the creative arts accessible.


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With Lindsey's 20+ years of teaching experience, and Beccy's impressive performance portfolio on national and international stages, we blend education and industry to offer an unparalleled learning experience right on your high street.

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Our diverse programmes, guided by our core values of inspiration, nurturing, quality, creativity, and joy, are designed to break down barriers and celebrate each individual's unique creative journey.



From Voice to Dance, Music to Drama, and Art - we offer comprehensive tuition tailored to all ages and abilities.

Choose to learn individually or, for children and young people, in Squads.

In our Roots programs we partner with organisations to run choirs, dance, art classes, and school clubs, fostering community engagement through the beauty of the creative arts.

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Under our innovative Arts4All initiative, we work with agencies (such as CIRV and DWP), schools and individuals to increase curriculum engagement and support young people requiring social, emotional and mental health support.

Using the creative arts as an empowering medium, we engage in coaching and mentoring, creating positive impacts extend beyond the artistic sphere.


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Stay tuned for our upcoming training packages and courses, designed and developed to enrich your learning journey.

About Us

Inspire | Nurture | Quality | Creativity | Joy

Igniting creativity by making the arts accessible to everyone.

Inspiring personal growth, celebrating individuality, and bringing joy

Our Ethos

At BHVA, we empower you, whether you are picking up an art form for the first time, refining your performance, seeking to develop your teaching pedagogy, or looking for personal growth. Through a nurturing, creative, and all-inclusive atmosphere, we foster personal and artistic development. We implement innovative teaching practices that not only cultivate sills but also celebrate success.

Welcome to BHVA - where every artistic journey is a story of inspiration, creativity, and celebration.

Our Mission

At BHVA, we our committed to inspire all our students to discover their own creative signatures through research-based tuition; to nurture students, building confidence in all elements of their creative journey, utilising coaching and mentoring knowledge. We will ensure only the highest quality of provision is offered by supporting our programmes with up-to-date research and training. We will break down barriers and discover the unique creativity of each person who walk through our doors, using the arts. Finally, and most importantly, we will celebrate every success, no matter the size, to ensure that anyone who engages and works with us finds moments of joy in themselves and in their artistic journey.

Our Philosophy

We believe everyone has a unique spark of creativity. Our approach is all about nurturing that spark through quality, fun, arts education, and celebrating every step of the creative journey. We're not just teaching skills, we're inspiring a love for creative expression that lasts a lifetime.

Our Promise

We promise to fuel your creativity in a fun, inclusive space. We assure high-quality creative arts education that is tailored to your unique needs and abilities. We're not just about teaching the creative arts - we're creating a community of joy, inspiration, and success, where everyone feels valued.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee a high-quality, inclusive, and joyful learning experience that not only elevates your creative skills, but also nurtures personal growth.

Every individual's unique journey will be celebrated, irrespective of age, ability, or background.

Our Learning Hub

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Ideal V's Reality - Let's Get Real About This 

December 28, 20234 min read

Today, we're getting up close and personal with a topic that's been on our minds a lot lately: the tussle between our ideal visions for life and the often less-than-ideal reality. We're all in this boat together, navigating the choppy waters of expectation vs. reality, especially in a world where social media paints a picture that's a bit too glossy for its own good, where every social media post seems like a highlight reel! It's so easy to feel like our own lives don’t quite measure up. But is there more to this story? 

Our Heart-to-Heart: Flipping Perspectives

Ideal V's Reality

We have both been chatting and really opening up about this, how we post on social media and what we feel about what we see.  You know how it is: we all have those grandiose dreams and aspirations. But then life happens. We scroll through social media, see those perfect holiday snaps, the flawless parenting moments, or those career highs and think, "Why isn't my life like that?". But Beccy threw in a fascinating angle: "I've learned to hope for the best but brace for the worst” and said how she doesn’t put much out their on social media.

This got us thinking - what if we flip the script? What if those perfect posts are not about showing off, but about clinging to small moments of joy amidst chaos? This is what I did at a time when life was at rock bottom.  It's a reminder that everyone's reality might be just as messy and challenging as ours. It’s about finding peace in life's messy and unpredictable journey. But we still love and need those big dreams!

Why Dream Big?

Here’s the thing about big dreams: they're not just fantasies. They're the fuel that drives us forward, the spark that ignites our passion and purpose. These dreams, no matter how 'Disney' they might seem, are crucial. They give us something to reach for, to aspire to. Without them, life can feel a bit like running on a treadmill – lots of effort, but not really going anywhere. Dreams, even the Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAGs), push us out of our comfort zones and into new, exciting territories.

 From Our Hearts to Yours: Tips for Finding That Balance

  1. Dream Big, Stay Real: We're firm believers in chasing those 'Disney' dreams – the ones that make your heart race a bit faster. But here’s the catch: you've got to balance them with a good dose of reality. It's a tightrope walk, but who says you can't enjoy the view while you're at it?

  2. Watch Out for Tunnel Vision: Getting fixated on a dream can blind us to life's little joys. It's like walking with blinders – you miss out on the unexpected delights along the way. So, keep your eyes wide open!

  3. Life’s Twists and Turns: Ever noticed how life loves throwing curveballs? Just when you think you've got it all figured out, it decides to spice things up. Embrace these changes; they often lead to roads you never thought you’d explore.

  4. Your Support Squad: Going solo on your dream-chasing journey? Not a great idea. Get your squad – mentors, friends, coaches – anyone who keeps you grounded and cheers you on. It’s like having your personal cheerleading team!

  5. Knowing When to Let Go: Sometimes, the hardest part is letting go of something that isn’t working. It’s okay. Changing tracks doesn’t mean giving up; it means you’re wise enough to know when to pivot.

In Our World: A Real-Life Example

Ideal v's reality

Recently we made a tough call in our business. It involved parting ways with something we’d been passionate about. Tough? Absolutely. Necessary? Yes, for our growth. It's a classic example of how letting go can sometimes be the step forward we need. It turned out to be a liberating step that opened new doors for us.

So, there you have it – our take on the rollercoaster ride of matching our ideals with the real deal. It’s about enjoying the journey, celebrating the small victories, and understanding that the path to your dreams is just as valuable as the destination.

We're eager to hear your stories! How do you juggle your dreams with reality? Drop your thoughts in the comments – let's get a conversation going!

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Lindsey Atkins

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