BHVA’s Arts4Learning enables children and young people to access learning of soft skills, and the curriculum, through a range of established and proven techniques. The programmes can be run as 1:1, group, or a mix of both to aid them becoming resilient, and to not become overwhelmed when dealing with studies and work.


Transferable Skills

Using Drama, Voice, Movement and Music we look to integrate cognitive, emotional, and social development of transferable skills.

We will help them identify thoughts, feelings and emotion, where they appear in the body, and how to manage and communicate these in different ways. This enables them to regulate their emotions.

Through mindfulness, and activities which encourage a growth mindset, we look to develop flexibility in their approach to creative problem solving. We support them in their discovery of imagining and thinking figuratively, alongside managing sensory issues.

As students find joy and happiness when engaging in arts activities, this will allow the brain to ‘slip out of gear’. This will strengthen brain activity, and the development of flexible thought patterns, particularly for students with neurodiversity needs.


We know the arts have a positive impact on students accessing foundation knowledge, which can be explored, learnt, and mastered.

Through drama activities students will develop analysis of text poetry, character, themes, language and structural devices of both old and new texts. Their exploration of characterisation will enable to draw comparisons between character and text, being able to express the effect on audience. In turn they will then be responding to text and creative writing.

By linking characters within the text, we introduce students to historical character and get them to explore living history.

By using movement and music, students will be able to investigate and identify patterns sequences and shapes. Through choreography and composition, they will be able to develop their problem-solving skills.

Scientific concepts are explored through visual and physical realisations.



Arts4Learning programmes start from £67/hour.


We are happy to talk to social workers and SENCOs to see how we can support each student.


We are currently working with Isebrook School, and school refusers.


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All sessions are back in person but you have the option to join online as we embrace hybrid working.

Following our risk assessments our studios are cleaned and ventilated after every session.