BHVA’s Arts4Health programme reduces adverse physiological and psychological conditions. We tailor programmes and workshops to the specific issues presented to us. Through the arts, we positively impact self-worth and fulfilment, social cohesion, anxiety and depression, building of stronger relations, mental stimulation, confidence, and resilience.


Social Prescribing

Arts on Prescription

Arts on Prescription

In Northamptonshire, SPRING is the social prescribing service.

We offer 1:1 services to help with improving confidence, and setting aspiring and attainable goals for patients. This empowers them to be creative, and be heard, using their own choices with the toolboxes we provide.

We also have a range of groups that can be used to foster confidence and social cohesion, from finding your inner artist, to creating your own dance choreography, through to discovering your true voice. All these groups are facilitated to nurture a supportive and safe environment for people to share their passion of the arts and build friendships.


BHVA provides arts-based rehabilitation. We support the individual with practicing technique – looking at voice and movement as a therapy.

We provide group rehabilitation settings, creating bespoke themes for personal growth within a series of projects with topics linking to different offerings.

We create personalised experiences for the patient – looking at their self and the experience they can gain. This leads to the patient building a sense of identity.

We design project for families and family members to reconnect and realign relationship after traumatic accidents and injuries.

Arts 4 Rehabilitation

Arts 4 Rehabilitation

Fitness and Mobility

Our Diamond dancers programme for over 65’s is great for your health and keeps you physically fit with lots of moving and balancing techniques to keep you on your toes. Activities will focus on improving balance, strength and gait, which will help reduce the risk of falls. As well has having many physical benefits it also improves your mental health.

By taking part in Dancing you can reduce your stress levels and experience less anxiety and insomnia, improving your overall state of mind. For us, one of the most important elements of this group is the chance to socialise with new friends.

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Early Years and Parent/Child Bonding

Bonding with your young child is crucial for their mental, emotion and social development.

Creating a nurturing connection with your child early on can help boost their resilience, independence and mental wellbeing later in their life.

BHVA’s Dance Squad Early Movers workshops help with just that. Through movement and music young children will be able to develop their gross and fine motor skills, whilst at the same time creating that nurturing bond with their parent/carer. This is achieved through mirroring, eye contact, tactile movement and relaxation activities.

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All sessions are back in person but you have the option to join online as we embrace hybrid working.

Following our risk assessments our studios are cleaned and ventilated after every session.