Arts4All Overview

BHVA’s Arts4All is where we create business, community, and education-based schemes that use the arts to break down barriers. They are designed from the roots up, to enable all those who take part to grow, develop and flourish.

Social Cohesion

Our four Arts4All pillars covering learning, business development, health, and wellbeing.

All programmes are tailored to the outcomes you wish to achieve. All of them are developed with the aim of improving confidence, self-belief, and resilience. All successes and achievements are celebrated within a safe environment.

We use our own coaching and mentoring models that have been developed through our training and coaching qualifications, and keep up to date with coaching techniques and practice.

We are committed to facilitating and championing our students creativity and individuality.

Dance class child


Arts4Learning enables children and young people to access learning of soft skills and the curriculum through a range of established and proven techniques.

It is designed for those who have learning disabilities, physical disabilities, special educational needs, or social, emotional and mental health needs.

Our tutors will facilitate bespoke sessions to help with building resilience and confidence, enabling them to flourish as individuals and learners.


Our Arts4Development courses and workshops are tailored to the outcomes you specify when we come together to plan and set goals.

These training programmes are for anyone at any stage of their career and can be designed for:

  • arts practitioners looking to grow their business or expand their knowledge.
  • employers wanting to provide team building or training programmes for their workforce.
  • neurodiverse young people and adults.
  • young people who are not in education, employment or training (NEET).
  • young people and adults who have learning disability (LD), or who have social, emotional and mental health disabilities (SEMH).


Arts4Health offers group and individual programmes to help with rehabilitation, mental health, and social prescribing.

There is growing evidence to show that the arts can help people’s physical and mental health through creativity. Leading to improved health and well-being, and increasing social engagement and cohesion.

We are currently working with Northampton General Hospital with a pilot for Stroke Rehabilitation, which is investigating a holistic approach for stroke survivors.


Arts4Wellbeing provides workshops to schools and businesses, using the arts to create an understanding about the value of looking after your wellbeing, and providing tools to do so.

For schools, these workshops have been developed post-covid to help students discover key skills that they have missed out on due to the various lockdowns.

For businesses, your staff will explore how movement and voice can help with their mental wellbeing, and enable them to develop confidence, communication skills, resilience, and so much more.

Planning dance step
Teaching adult class