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BHVA’s Arts 4 All programme is where we create community and education-based schemes that use arts to break down barriers. They are designed from the roots up, to enable all those who take part to grow, develop and shine.

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Children and adults can develop an array of tools access subjects from across the curriculum from an arts-based perspective. Our Arts 4 All supports educational developments and research across all age groups to ensure our work is at the forefront of developments and supports everyone fully.

The focus across all our programmes is to use the arts to develop the whole person. This can be with developing confidence and self-belief or building resilience to face everyday challenges. It could be so the student or adult feel they can use their voice to be heard at school or work. Allsuccesses and achievements will be celebrated within a safe environment

Our Arts 4 All programes also provides community-based workshops to support physical and mental well-being, across a variety of settings.

All our Arts 4 All programmes are adapted and personalised to reflect the students in front of us in each session. This ensures all students individual needs and goals are catered for. It doesn’t matter if you are participating to develop personally, creatively, or professionally.

BHVA is a registered centre for Trinity College London’s Arts Award. Arts Award’s unique qualifications support children and young people to develop as artists and arts leaders. The programme develops skills for success in 21st century life including creativity, leadership, reflective thinking and communication skills. Young people also develop knowledge and understanding of their chosen art forms. Arts Award is open to anyone aged 25 and under, and embraces all interest and backgrounds. Through Arts Award young people learn to work independently, helping them to prepare for further education and employment.

Arts Award qualification can be achieved by students who are working in our academies, or who bring arts activities they are doing elsewhere.

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Within our Roots 4 Wellbeing programme, we ask companies to sponsor school workshops. These workshops have been developed post-covid to help students and schools with discovering key skills that children have missed out on during the various lockdowns. Children can discover how movement and voice can help with their mental wellbeing, and enable them to develop confidence, communication skills, resilience, and so much more.

Our Roots 4 Schools programme is where we work with schools to develop bespoke schemes of work to incorporate the arts into other subjects. This can help students who are struggling with core subjects, especially those who struggle with PSHE understanding or those who have SEN requirements.

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Roots 4 Schools