Enriching Lives and Communities

Empowering Lives Through Arts Education and Health Programmes

We understand the power of arts to transform lives. We've seen firsthand how engagement with the arts can bridge gaps, heal, educate, and bring communities together. Our experience has taught us that everyone deserves the opportunity to explore their creativity and benefit from the healing power of the arts, regardless of their age, background, or ability.

We know what it feels like to search for meaningful connections and creative outlets, only to find barriers at every turn. It's disheartening to feel cut off from your community or to struggle to express your creativity due to a lack of support. At BHVA, we've been there, and we're here to say: You are not alone.

With numerous success stories, from enhancing learning experiences through our Arts4Learning programme to supporting health and well-being via Arts4Health, BHVA has been recognieed as a leader in the field. Our accolades include the Health and Well-Being Business of the Year Award 2023, and we've received glowing testimonials from participants and partners alike, including Parkinson's UK and Compass Primary.

Everyone deserves to feel the transformative power the arts.

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Enhancing Learning

Arts4Learning is not just an educational program; it's a journey into the heart of creativity that supports students' social, emotional, and mental health (SEMH) needs while deeply engaging with the curriculum. Through personalised support for individuals or classes, we offer:

  • Creative Curriculum Integration -Arts4Learning seamlessly integrates with existing curriculums, using art to make learning more engaging and accessible.

  • Support for SEMH -Recognising the challenges many students face, our programme offers a compassionate approach to support their emotional and mental well-being through the arts.

Healing Through Creativity

Arts4Health is dedicated to using the arts as a powerful tool for health and wellness. Whether it's battling Parkinson's, navigating the complexities of dementia, addressing mental health issues, or supporting social prescribing, habilitation, and rehabilitation, our programs offer:

  • Tailored Artistic Therapies - From visual arts to music, dance, and drama, we design personalised artistic therapies to support physical and mental health.

  • Community and Connection - Arts4Health fosters a sense of belonging, providing a supportive community for those navigating health challenges.

Why Choose Arts4All?


Empathy and Understanding

We understand the challenges of feeling disconnected from your community and creative self. At Arts4All, you'll find a compassionate space where your journey is honored and supported.


Award-Winning Excellence

Celebrated as the Health and Well-being Business of the Year 2023, our programs are recognised for their impact and innovation.


Real Stories, Real Impact

Isebrook School's Journey:

A student found a safe haven in the arts, dramatically improving her ability to manage emotions and behaviors. Through BHVA's guidance, she's built a personal toolkit for expression and grounding, showcasing significant personal growth. Isebrook praises BHVA for their invaluable support, especially for those with additional needs, highlighting the transformative power of the arts.

Connecting Through Music with Parkinson's:

After seeking a new direction for their music sessions, the Parkinson's group found joy and inclusion with BHVA. Led by Beccy's engaging teaching style, they've adapted to include everyone's musical interests, making sessions more enjoyable and tailored to their needs. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, celebrating the adaptability and continued benefits of their musical gatherings.

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