Welcome to Beccy Hurrell
Voice & Arts Ltd.

We believe everyone deserves equal access to a high quality arts provision – one that is at the heart of their own community and one that celebrates all their successes.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to inspire all our students to find their own creative signatures through research-based tuition; to nurture students, building confidence in all elements of their creative journey utilising coaching and mentoring knowledge. We will ensure only the highest quality of provision is offered by supporting our programmes with up-to-date research and training. We will break down barriers and discover the unique creativity of each person who walks through our doors, using the arts. Finally, and most importantly, we will celebrate every success, no matter the size, to ensure that anyone who engages and works with us finds moments of joy in themselves and in their artistic journey.







At BHVA we strive to empower all who walk through our doors, whether you are taking up an art form for the first time, are wanting to improve your performance, or are looking to develop your teaching pedagogy. We do this by providing a nurturing, creative and all-inclusive atmosphere, with innovative teaching practices to promote student’s personal and artistic growth and celebrate all successes.


Our Academies provide individual and group tutoring across voice, music, dance, drama and art for ALL ages and ALL abilities. Throughout all our sessions we focus no the students in front of us to ensure they are able to explore and develop their creative skills.

Our Roots programme allows us to connect with local organisations and communities to bring the arts our in to the community for all to share.


Our Arts4All uses the Arts to help with breaking down barriers and building up life skills. Each programme is bespoke to the outcomes required for the individual or organisation.

We also strive to empower other arts providers with support through training and coaching to help with growing their business and knowledge in teaching the arts.


All sessions are back in person, but you have the option to join online as we embrace hybrid working.
Following our risk assessments our studios are cleaned and ventilated after every session.