Why Singing is Keeping Me Sane

Why Singing is Keeping Me SaneSince last week, when I had to make the decision to move everything online, things have been a whirlwind here at BHVA HQ. I have had to learn new online software so I can set up my groups online, contact all students and see if they were happy to move their lessons online, turn my home teaching room into a place where I can teach online and record videos. The list is endless, and has meant changes for the whole family – and this is the situation for pretty much everyone across the world right now.

Added to that, the kids (3 of them!) are now all home learning as the schools have close, has led to a finely balanced (?? – more like a completely chaotic what am I doing now?) system each day. Like most parents I’m trying to find and download content for them to work on each day, plan activities both inside and out, train my husband how to help with all of this – all to keep them as calm as possible and in some kind of routine that works. My 7 year old has a fantastic school that is sending ideas and downloads out each week, but it still needs to be printed, planned and taught by us. I’m just hazarding guesses on what to do with my 1 and 3 year olds. Hopefully I’ve got it right.

It means my working day, like most others, is changing. Planning things in bed at 5am, such as writing this blog, and recording the backing tracks for my students and classes late at night once the kids are in bed. The other bits that need to get done are normally being done in stages with the kids about, which the picture clearly demonstrates.

The kids need reassurance during these strange times. I need reassurance during these strange times, and my business to focus on to keep my sane. My husband….. just needs to keep playing his board games online with his mates haha.

What I am realising is that connecting with others online is our new way of socialising. Be it by online gaming (for my husband), or online choirs (for me), it’s a new norm in this new time.

Check out my choirs and group classes for both adults and kids on my online courses section. Let’s bring some new normality back into our lives.

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