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What makes our BHVA Dance Squad different?

Have you got set ideas about dance classes- particularly for children?  

Do you think you need to look a certain way or wear your hair in a set hairstyle? Do you find the idea of dance classes for your children off-putting?  

We believe you do not have to feel like you are only succeeding if you are moulding yourself into an image of what a dancer should be according to a dance academy. 

Our core values- Inspire, Create and Celebrate really reflect what our Dance Squad is about. We want our squad members to feel the joy of dancing in every session. 

Our sessions teach safe practice and technique to ensure that even little dancers bodies can keep their bodies happy as they grow and develop. 

Here are a few ways in which our BHVA Dance Academy sessions are different: 

We Conform to Non-Conformity  

Dance is everything, and everywhere… do not let your idea of what dance is prevent you from celebrating your own creative dance style. You do not need to have a set ‘look’ or style. You do not need previous experience and dance can be whatever you want it to be. A little hobby or new found skill to explore and enjoy. 

Keeping your body happy as you grow 

Our sessions teach safe practice and technique to ensure that even little dancer bodies can keep their bodies happy as they grow and develop. Good posture does not mean teaching your child to pull their tummies in, tuck their bottoms under and hold their legs right. 

We teach strong posture and correct technique that makes our squad members aware of the placement of various parts of their bodies to ensure free movement and posture that does not cause stresses on their bodies later in life 

Celebrating individual creativity and style. 

Although we encourage the safe and correct placement to ensure moves are performed correctly, we want to see an individual’s interpretation and creative response. We do not want to make our Squad members into little copies of each other, we want each individual member to stand out for their own personal skills and style 

Feeling connected to movements, not moves  

Of course, we want to help our dancers learn the techniques in dance but we want to encourage our squad members to feel connected to the movements they are performing. We teach intent and purpose from an early age…. well, our pre-schoolers often teach us.  

Young children are so good at showing their feelings through their movement and we encourage our squad members to continue to do this as they grow. Dancers who know why they are performing a movement, understand what they are communicating making them into performers who can connect with their audience and that is where the magic happens!! 

No expensive kit 

We ask our children to wear a BHVA Squad T-shirt and leggings to ensure safety during class, ease of movement and to help us all feel part of the same squad but that is it. Your bodies are your super power let us see what they can do when you feel comfortable in what you are wearing!  

Our BRAND-NEW Dance Squad sessions are ready to book at our website 

Through dance performance, we explore key themes over a 12-week block. Children take part as we teach you techniques that highlight storytelling, characterisation, and musicality. Watch as we share our dance version of the story we have been exploring throughout the course. Join us for the end of term performance by our squad members! 

Book now to secure your space: https://memberships.bhva.co.uk/  

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