What is STAR Membership?

As we get closer to launching our STAR Membership, I thought I’d do a quick blog to explain what STAR membership is all about.


STAR stands for Singing Teacher Academy Resources. As it says, it’s for singing teachers, and also for those who are aspiring to be singing teachers, and those who are working with voices through things like community choirs and organisations. It gives you access to a whole range of resources.


Online Learning

You’ll have access to an online portal where there will be different classes you can take at any time that suits you. These will cover subjects like the anatomy and physiology of the voice, what resonances, formants and harmonics are, and how our breathing works. The resources will not just explain this, but also give you tips on how to apply this knowledge in your teaching practice.

You’ll get to discover about student learning – what is cognition, how understanding this can help you help your students. You’ll explore the concept of coaching and how to set goals.

We’ll give you information on how to set up a singing studio from scratch, whether it be at home or at a different location.

There’ll be financial information (provided by a chartered accountant) such as what is required by HMRC when setting up a business, or what you can offset against tax through expenditure. What is the difference between capital and revenue? We’ve got you covered.

There’ll be classes on running group sessions and choirs.

All of these will be bite-size so you are not overwhelmed with information, and also so they can be done in bite-sized chunks when you have some time, at a time that best suits you. I get that giving up a day of work to go and continue your own learning and development is tough to do. With online learning, you can choose when you want to do the learning.


Webinars and Q&As

There’ll be monthly webinars with experts from different fields. These will include subjects like performance anxiety and performance coaching, vocal health, singing for health, working with singers in the recording studio, audition preparation for TV shows or colleges/conservatoires.

There’ll also be a Q&A with me where you can ask the questions that you want answering. If I don’t know the answer I can go and find out. I love to continue my own learning.


Online community

You’ll have access to an exclusive online community where you’ll get daily nudges from me. This is designed to be a safe and supportive space where you can ask questions and get advice and support from me and your peers. There are so many fabulous voice communities on Facebook, but I know that sometimes it can feel daunting asking ‘that’ question. This online community will provide you with the place where you don’t have to worry about the response you’ll get to ‘that’ question.


STAR Membership will be launching on 1 December with special launch promotion of HALF PRICE OFF – so £24 per month (normally £48 per month), or 12 months for £260 (normally £520). Those who sign up to the 12-month deal will also get FREE access to Vocal Health Education’s First Aider training worth £55 (if you wish to certify then you will have to pay the £45 certification fee).


To get a head start on this, why not sign up for our ’25 Amazing Tips to Become a Successful Singing Teacher’? You can start implementing them today.

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