Singing During Coronavirus

What wonderful scenes we’ve seen this week from Italy and Sicily with people singing from the rooftops and balconies, coming together as a collective and showing the world the power of song.

We know, from lots of different research, that singing helps lift our mood, maintains our immune system, reduces stress and anxiety levels, improves brain function, and much more. Singing in groups offers all of this as well as social bonding, new friendships, and interaction that for some doesn’t occur at other times during the week.

But what happens when we have to miss out on our group singing activities?

As the world moves into lockdown and quarantine, group gatherings are no longer able to happen, social isolation occurs, and metal well-being diminishes. Not good for anyone.

If you’re like me and live in a climate that is currently wet and with grey skies (thank you British weather), it’s not going to lift your spirits much or encourage you to go out on to your balcony or lean out of your window. If you’re also like me and live in an area where houses are separate from each other and not closely built up, leaning out of a window won’t help with seeing other people to sing with or talk to. (I’ll probably to get see two neighbours if I leaned out of my bedroom window – which is definitely better than none).

So in these strange and wacky times, why not experiment and try some wacky new things? Why not join an online singing group and choir? Virtual choirs already exist – check out Eric Whitacre’s Virtual Choir, it’s AMAZING!! But let’s see if we can do an online singing group where you can discover and explore your voice, gain some online social interaction with new and likeminded people (they’ve also joined in this wacky idea so there’s something in common), and see if we can create some songs and harmonies as well.

Check out the online courses section to see what we are doing here.

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