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Where passion is nurtured, potentials are unleashed, and creativity meets learning. Together, let's craft a brighter future for your child!

We tap into your child's reservoir of potential through enriching School Squads.

We nurture confidence, friendship, and creativity via fun activities like drama, dance, music and art.

For Parents

The Gift of Confidence, Friendship, and Creativity

At BHVA, we believe every child is full of potential waiting to be tapped. That's why we've designed our School Squads to not just entertain but also to enrich, providing your child with the tools they need to thrive both in and out of the classroom.

Nurturing Life Skills Through Fun Activities

Our School Squads are designed to spark your child's imagination and enthusiasm. Through the creativity of drama, dance, music, or art, your child will develop important skills that will serve them in all walks of life.

The activities we offer develop confidence and foster friendships. They promote teamwork and inspire creativity. They challenge problem-solving skills and build self-belief. Our goal is to aid the holistic growth of your child, turning lessons into lifelong skills.

Safety Is Our Priority

We understand that your child's safety is your top concern. Please rest assured that all our teachers are enhanced-DBS checked, a fact that underlines our commitment to the well-being of your child. We strictly follow the Safer Recruiting process, ensuring that our teachers are not only highly qualified but also trusted figures.

Affordable, Flexible Terms

For just £35, your child can join us for a half term of fun and learning. And for a full-term experience, it's only £67. These five-week half terms are the perfect opportunity for your child to explore their interests, make new friends, and gain confidence.

Book a Slot Today!

Are you ready to give your child an enriching journey filled with fun, friendships, and learning? Click on the school club below to book a spot for your child in our BHVA School Club.

For Schools

Elevate Your School Experience with BHVA School Clubs!

Is your school searching for an enriching way to extend students' learning beyond the classroom? Welcome to BHVA School squads! Grown from our Academies Roots Programmes, they provide a vibrant blend of drama, dance, music, and art, designed to stimulate creativity, curiosity, and intellectual growth among your students.

Our versatile programmes can be customised to align with your school's timetable, offering sessions before school, during lunch breaks, and after school. Embrace the BHVA School Squads experience, and empower your students to explore new areas of interest, nurture their innate creativity, and establish enriching connections with peers.

Partner with Confidence

BHVA upholds a high standard for our educators, ensuring each member of our team is not only enhanced-DBS checked but also selected through the Safer Recruiting process. Our commitment to student safety and well-being is paramount, and we go the extra mile to offer peace of mind alongside high-quality programming.

Choose BHVA as your extra-curricular partner to add a fresh dimension to your academic offering and energise your school environment. Our streamlined administrative process removes any hassle from your shoulders - parents book directly through our system, and we manage the updated registers, letting you focus on your core educational mission.

Your Partner in Holiday Enrichment

BHVA is proud to extend our commitment to education beyond term time. In partnership with Northamptonshire Sport, we provide engaging Holiday Activities and Food clubs during school holidays. This initiative demonstrates our dedication to enriching student experiences throughout the year, providing continued learning and engagement even when schools are out.

Choose BHVA School Clubs to infuse your school with creativity, enrich your students' experiences, and enhance your reputation as a hub of holistic education. Together, we can craft an inspiring learning environment where students are empowered to grow, thrive, and excel.

School Clubs Available

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