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#StrongerTogether is the hashtag used by Northamptonshire Chamber of Commerce members. At BHVA we want to be able to support the children in Northamptonshire to be stronger together in a post-pandemic world.

Beccy and Lindsey Cover

These are the generation that has missed out most during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of these young people have been unable to interact with their peers in the traditional way. They are now needing support to discover and explore the vital skills of communication, creativity, team building and much more.

At the same time our schools and students are under pressure. Strapped for time and resources our schools are stretched. A focus on set areas of the curriculum has meant that arts subjects have been harder to implement.

In addition, many pupils will never be able to access the arts outside of school as family finances don’t allow for this expense in the weekly budget.

Research from the Arts Council has found that:

  • A higher frequency of engagement with arts and culture is generally associated with a higher level of subjective wellbeing. Engagement in structured arts and culture improves the cognitive abilities of children and young people.
  • Taking part in drama improves attainment in literacy.
  • Taking part in music activities improves attainment in maths, early language acquisition and early literacy.
  • Students from low-income families who take part in arts activities at are THREE TIMES MORE LIKELY to get a degree than children from low-income families who do not engage in arts activities at school.

You can support your local community by sponsoring a Roots 4 Well-Being Programme in a school.

BHVA Ltd’s Roots 4 Wellbeing workshops is all about building the strong foundations for our children and young people through the arts – with the support of our local business community, we are STRONGER TOGETHER.

BHVA can do this by:

  • Reducing pressure on our schools, students and their families, imbedding arts into their school life.
  • Giving students the chance to explore mindfulness techniques to improve their wellbeing and resilience.
  • Providing schools with the tools and techniques which can be utilised again and again to combine the arts into their daily curriculum.

Our Roots 4 Wellbeing programme will provide 2 full day in-school sessions by trained members of the BHVA team, alongside supporting help sheets that will be provided to the school which can be utilised by the school staff.

The focus will be Key Stage One and Two (Years Reception – 6).

Each day will be made up of two-hour sessions, so the student body can be split in year groups or key-stages. Focussing on voice and movement, the student will discover how they can use these concepts to take part in mindfulness to improve their wellbeing and resilience.

These workshops will look to develop the whole person: ensuring students develop confidence, believe in their own abilities, build resilience to face challenges and problem solve, express opinions whilst participating in constructive dialogues with peers. Throughout all of this they will be celebrate personal growth and achievements, sharing these successes in a safe environment.

The cost of this programme for a school is £1140. This could support approximately 300-400 students. As a business you can choose to sponsor one school or provide sponsorship for multiple schools.

Sponsoring a workshop allows us to share the joy of the arts with young people (some who will never have access to the arts outside of school), as well as helping them to learn mindfulness techniques that they can integrate into daily life.

How it works?

Once you agree to sign up :

  • A member of the team will be in touch
  • We will share social media images you can promote on your own channels
  • We will partner with a local school and inform them of your support
  • With permission from school we will share updates/ photos/ videos

You could also choose to become an ongoing sponsor and continue your support.

Benefits for your business

  • Achieve your corporate social responsibility objectives by supporting your local community
  • Gain brand exposure through regular local social media and press coverage
  • Support a cause that aligns with your values

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