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New Branding For BHVA Ltd

It’s an exciting time at BHVA HQ as we celebrate the launch of our new branding. So, what does this fancy new logo and bold new colour palette actually mean?

It is all part of an exciting new journey BHVA is undertaking from me, myself and I to TEAM. You see for the last 10 years I (Beccy) have been working on my own. (Well- I have been very lucky to work alongside some great peers, of course).

I started by teaching flute, piano and voice, before focussing solely on voice due to my MA studies. When I started my MA, my first research project led to the creation of Beccy Hurrell Voice Academy, and I sourced a studio so I could hold group sessions as well as one-to-one lessons.

It was incredible to see how successful the sessions were and I was able to provide a service for people who wants to learn to sing, that was accessible and affordable which I was hugely passionate about.

And despite the COVID-19 rollercoaster I was able to adapt my sessions to teaching from face-to face to online. A rollercoaster is a great word to explain the ups and downs I faced, but online sessions have helped my business not only survive but thrive.

Like many people during the lockdown of 2021, I headed to the pavements to chat to neighbours across the road (sometimes with a drink in hand). I was lucky that my great friend Lindsey Atkins (who lives opposite) was a wonderful support. She is an incredible dance teacher and ex-Head of Performing Arts so we always chatted passionately about the arts.

Our talks across the street led to deeper conversations about business and our values for teaching the arts. It was incredible to connect with someone who was aligned on so many of my views and conversations quickly turned into ‘what would happen if we teamed up’. Suddenly ideas, dreams and scribbles became serious discussions.

And so here we are, no longer I and ME but We. WE are excited to continue to grow, excited to share our exciting plans for the future of BHVA Ltd (Beccy Hurrell Voice & Arts Ltd) and excited to share the journey with you all. 

Our new branding is a reflection of our combined values.  We want to inspire people to discover and explore an art form, create their own story or perception of a story, and celebrate their successes – ALL successes no matter how big or small they may seem to someone else. 

Our aim is to nurture personalities and confidence, to ensure that everyone can access quality tuition, to be creative in all that we do (we want to give people the tools to make their own choices in their creativity, not instruct them on the creativity), and enable people to find the joy in what they’re doing (to bring fun and happiness and a distraction from everyday things). 

We hope you like the new logo and would love to know what you think.

Get in touch to share your feedback or email us to learn more about what exciting arts programmes we have coming to BHVA in 2021 and beyond.  

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