Dance Academy

BHVA’s Dance Academy continues with the Academies growth of individual tuition, Squads, Adult groups and Roots programmes.

We aim to inspire all our students to find their own creative signature and find their joy Our Dance Academy promotes healthy physical development, emotional maturity, supports cognitive development, and raises social awareness.

Dance class child

Individual Tuition

Individual Tuition

Individual Tuition

Our individual tuition will give you the support with a broad spectrum of genres and through tailor-made studies. Whether you’re looking to build your confidence or go through graded exams, BHVA’s Dance Academy will nurture and inspire you to achieve your goals.

Our aim is to ensure all Dance students develop safe technical practice techniques, an understanding of the dynamic quality of movement, and a condense to explore their own creativity and style.

We combine this with learning how to engage with the movement being performed to achieve a performance which is engaging and connects with the audience.

Sessions start from £25 for half an hour.

Adult Dance Classes

LAUNCHING IN SEPTEMBER our adult dance classes will provide you with a place to explore and discover new and existing dance skills and technique for 90-minutes each week. All while building new friendships and having a lot of fun.

All ages, all abilities. These sessions are the perfect group setting to discover your creativity through the world of dance. You will learn technique and then use your own creativity to choreograph your own work.

Our term-time sessions will also provide you with an online membership area with resources to help you if you wish to practice at home in between sessions. Social events will also be planned to help with promotion of community.

Dance Classes - Adults

Dance Classes - Adults

Adult dance classes meet on a Tuesday evening, term-time only, at 7.30-9pm.

12-week term £142

6-week term £74

Dance Squads

Our Dance Squads start from new-born babies, all the way through to those completing their A-levels. Our terms are offered in 12-week blocks with a half-term in the middle.

Dance Squad Preschool & Early Movers

Our Dance Squad Pre-School explore action, space, dynamics, and relationships through a termly storybook. Through dance performance and exploration, key themes within the story are explored, showcasing technique, storytelling, characterisation and musicality.

Our Dance Squad Early Movers are split into two groups – birth to crawling (non-walkers), and crawling to walking (walkers). Through this movement and music programme, our Early Movers will develop cross and fine motor skills, movement pathways within the brain, and core stability skills within a fun and interactive session. At the same time positive relationship with parent/scarers will be built through mirroring, eye contact, tactile movement and relaxation activities.

Dance Squads Pre-School and Early Movers meet on a Tuesday morning, term-time only.

12-week term   £67

6-week term   £35

Dance Squad Pre-School

Dance Squad Pre-School is for children aged 2.5 to 4 years old. It meets on a Tuesday at 9.30am.

Dance Squad Early Movers


Dance Squad Early Movers (non-walkers) is for babies from newborn to beginning to walk. It meets on a Tuesday at 10.30am.

Dance Squad Early Movers


Dance Squad Early Movers (walkers) is for toddlers up to 2.5 years old. It meets on a Tuesday at 11.30am.

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School Age Dance Squads

School-age Dance Squads are split into Infants (Reception to Y2), Juniors (Y3-Y6), and Seniors (Y7+). Each 12-week term will end with a performance where the children can showcase their knowledge and understanding of the dance techniques they have learnt, along with their own choreographic skills they are developing.

School Age Dance Squads meet on a Wednesday, term-time only, from 5pm.

12-week term   £67

6-week term   £35

Why not combine your membership with other Squads and access discounts and monthly payments?

Dance Squad Infants

Dance Squad Infants is for children aged 4 to 7 years old. It meets on a Wednesday at 5pm.

Dance Squad Juniors

Dance Squad Juniors is for children aged 7 to 11 years old. It meets on a Wednesday at 5.45pm.

Dance Squad Seniors

Dance Squad Seniors is for young people in secondary school. It meets on a Wednesday at 7.15pm.

Why not try our other Squads, and go for a combined membership?

Combined Squads Infants

Combined Squads Juniors

Combined Squads Seniors

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Roots Programmes

If you would love to set up a workplace dance class or host a one-off workshop then our Roots Programme is perfect for you.

We currently have ongoing relationships with Stepping Stones Nursery, and have availability for other nursery providers.

Get in touch to discuss your requirements and we will be happy to help.


All sessions are back in person but you have the option to join online as we embrace hybrid working.

Following our risk assessments our studios are cleaned and ventilated after every session.