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Welcome to Beccy Hurrell Voice and Arts Ltd Dance Academy where we believe that all members of society should have access to high quality Dance tuition from whatever age you decide to start your Dance discovery. Our Dance squads are taught in age groups ranging from Pre-school to Seniors allowing squad members the opportunity to develop not only their technical skills but also artistry and choreographic competence by providing a safe, nurturing, creative and all-inclusive atmosphere where innovative teaching practices support individuals’ personal and dance goals.

Dance Movement

Our dance tutors have an array of training and teaching knowledge from a broad spectrum of genres and through tailor made programmes of study they ensure that students develop core technical skills that allow them to develop a breadth of dance vocabulary. Students can be entered for grades if they wish, or follow other programmes of study including Trinity College Arts Award. Our aim is to ensure all Dance Squad members develop safe technical practice techniques, an understanding of the dynamic quality of movement, and a confidence to explore their own creativity and style. This is combined with learning how to engage with the movement they are performing to achieve a performance which is engaging and connects with their audience.

Our core values underpin all the work that we do. Through our research-based tuition we aim to inspire all our students to find their own creative signature. Our trained staff utilise mentoring and coaching knowledge to nurture students, building confidence in all elements of their creative journey. All our programmes are supported by up-to-date research and training to ensure only the highest quality of provision is offered. Creativity is what drives us, both in our approach to use Arts Education to break down barriers and to discover the unique creativity each member of our BHVA Squads has to offer. Finally, the most important of all, we celebrate every success, no matter the size, to ensure that anyone who engages and work with BHVA finds moments of joy both in themselves and within their artistic journey.

Dance Squad

BHVA’s Dance Squad is separated into Pre School (from 2 ½ years old until children start school), Infants (Reception to Year 2), and Juniors (Year 3 to Year 6). Our terms are offered in 12 week blocks with a half term in the middle.

For Dance Squad Pre School each term is based on a story book where we explore action, space, dynamics and relationships. Through dance performance and exploration key themes within the story are explored and by the end of the 12 week block Dance Squad Pre School members will have a performance to share with you. This will showcase technique that has been learnt, along with storytelling, characterisation and musicality to share our dance version of the story we have been exploring.

Dance Squad Infants and Juniors will focus on technique and choreography, ending each 12 week term with a performance. This will allow the children to showcase their knowledge and understanding of the dance techniques they have learnt, along with their own choreographic skills they are developing.

Our Dance Squad teacher is passionate about the benefits of engaging with Arts based activities from an early age and the numerous positive impacts this has on a child’s growth. From a very young age, children respond to music with movement, and although movement comes naturally to our squad members and we see the enjoyment on their faces when they start to move there are other benefits from participating in our squad sessions.

Dance promotes healthy physical development

Dance involves a greater range of motion, coordination, strength and endurance than many other physical activities. Whilst babies respond to music by smiling, swaying, and clapping, the toddler years are when children start to bob up and down, move from side-to-side, develop their own creative responses and start using their arms when they hear music. This is when they start to experiment with choreography and because dance uses the whole body it allows our squad members to develop:

  • Flexibility
  • Fitness
  • Balance
  • Spatial awareness
  • Muscle strength
  • Endurance
  • Aerobic fitness
  • Coordination
  • Kinaesthetic memory (how muscles remember movements)

Dance supports cognitive development

Dancing improves mental dexterity. Preschoolers learn about meaning, story and emotion through dance and music. Learning dance at a young age helps:

  • Develop knowledge
  • Gain sensory awareness
  • Solve movement problems
  • See different perspectives
  • Communicate (both before and after they can speak)
  • Better understand the world

Dance promotes emotional maturity

Dance has a positive effect on your child’s psychological and emotional development. It feels good to move to music, and dancing gives your child a chance to chance to express emotions (such as joy and excitement), shake off a bad mood and enjoy being imaginative and creative.

As well as being a mood-enhancer, dance is also a great way for your child to:

  • Gain self-confidence
  • Build self-esteem
  • Feel motivated
  • Generally improve their wellbeing

Dance raises social awareness

Dance brings people together and encourages social interaction and cooperation.

It involves teamwork, patience and listening, our squad members get to practice essential life skills and think about themselves in relation to their peers. Whether they are copying each other or taking the lead, dance provides opportunities for children to support one another and learn the art of social awareness.

Dance is a fun activity that has an array of benefits for your child and develops skills they will take with them throughout life. It helps them connect, learn, communicate and feel good. So, whether your child shows early promise as a prima ballerina or just loves throwing themselves around the dance floor, come along to our one of our Dance Squads to allow them to further develop their passion for movement and dance. Our sessions last 45 minutes, students need to wear legging/joggers, squad t- shirt once you’re a member, hair tied back, no jewellery and bare feet.

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