Sing Squad

Sing Squad is our class for children and young people. It’s a 45 minute class designed to offer them a place to meet other people their age, build confidence, and have fun whilst learning about their voices and singing songs.
Your child has the option to attend in person or on-line.

Each week we go around the group and do a quick ‘hello’ along with their ‘News of the Week’, followed by a physical warm up with stretching and vocal warm ups and exercises. Then it’s on to learning their song.

The groups are split into age groups to ensure the teaching is appropriate to their age, both in terms of what they’re learning about their voice and musicianship skills, and activity sheets to download.

It’s wonderful to watch their confidence grow, to hear them ask questions about what we’re doing, and hear their voices grow.

A monthly membership gives you and your child access to a safe environment where they can make friendships, discover their voice and build their confidence. You also have access to an online community, through Facebook, and an online learning platform where the music and videos of what we’ve learnt each week will be made available. So if you’re unable to make the session you won’t be missing out too much.

BHVA Kids & Teens Online Courses
  • Sing Squad Infants is for children aged 4 to 7 years old. It meets on a Monday at 4.15pm.
  • Sing Squad Juniors is for children aged 7 to 11 years old. It meets on a Monday at 5.15pm.
  • Sing Squad Seniors is for young people in secondary school. It meets on a Tuesday at 6.30pm.

Classes are paid through a monthly direct debit. You’ll get access to course content online, an online community, as well as the session which can be attended online or in person. Each person requires a separate membership. If you have any questions please get in touch here

We are now able to offer both in-person and online options for all our sessions and classes, and you’ll get the same great quality tuition whichever option you choose. For those wishing to attend in person it is all socially-distanced, and with the NHS Track and Trace in place. There are plenty of options for you to choose, from individual tuition to group kids or group adult classes.

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