Adult Vocal Classes – Harmonix


Harmonix is our class for adults which lasts for 90 minutes.
Due to Covid-19 restrictions, these sessions are currently being held online.
Bring a drink, be ready for some giggles, to explore your voice, and sing some songs. This is open to everyone of any ability. You may never have sung before, or want to gain the confidence to sing with others – this is the perfect place for it. You may also want to work on your voice but don’t fancy 1:1 sessions, and this will work for you too.

Sessions will start off with a brief warm up, both physical and vocal – don’t worry it’s not too strenuous. Then it’s on to look at an aspect of the voice which we are focussing on each week. Theses focus topics may include breathing, twang, tone quality (phonation), articulation, and many more.

Each week we will work on at least 2 songs with harmonies. Everything will be broken down, and we can go voer things as many times as needed too. Never be afraid to ask!

In between sessions you will have access to an online community, through Facebook. You will also have access to a learning platform where videos of what we’ve learnt each week will be put up, along with the song lyrics and music. So if you’re unable to make a session you won’t be missing out!

Adult Classes – Harmonix

Monthly membership gives you access to socialising, learning, resources, an online community, and so much more. With the lack of socialising, due to COVID-19, and the negative impact it has had on our well-being, now is the perfect time to join a group to sing, synchronise your hearts beats (it’s true!), and increase your endorphins. All for a monthly price of just £40. Sign up below!!

BHVA Harmonix

Harmonix sessions meet every Thursday at 7.30-9pm, and you will get the chance to explore and sing songs from the shows and from the charts (past and present).

Our 121 sessions and kids groups (Sing Squad) are now back in-person, but you can still choose to have these online. Adult group session are still online until guidance changes. These sessions have been designed to give you the best possible learning, and offer benefits that aren’t available in person. You will still get the same quality tuition whilst online, and all tracks that are needed will be provided for you.

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