1-2-1 Vocal Tuition

Here at BHVA Ltd we pride ourselves on the quality of our one to one vocal tuition in our Voice Academy. Whether you’re looking to find out if you can sing, wanting some confidence to join a choir or sing karaoke in front of your friends, improve your voice for the band that you’re performing with, or prepare for an audition, then we can help.

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Lessons are available either in person or online – with students come from as far away as the USA and Japan for online sessions.

Your lessons will be tailored to you and the goals that you set. We will look to ensure the basics such as breathing and a clear tone are there, then explore different the different vocal qualities (sounds) that we can make, and that we may need for the songs that you’re singing.

Signing up for 1:1 sessions in our Voice Academy also means you gain access to your own membership area online. In here you will find notes uploaded after each session outlining what has been covered. You will also gain access to rehearsal tracks and any exercises to help you with your learning at home.

At your first Vocal Tuition session, we will sit down so you can tell me about yourself, your experience with singing, and any health issues (as these may affect your voice and will help me to identify the best way to move forwards with your training). We will then do a vocal assessment.There’s no need to worry – these are a series of simple exercises that I can sing with you if needed.

If there is a song that you have then it would be good to hear that too, but it’s not essential. From this we can come up with a plan suited for you and the goals that we have identified.

How much you would like to learn about the anatomy and science of the voice is down to you. For some students they don’t want to know about this. Other students want to learn how the voice works so they can better understand how they use it. Clear explanations will be given if wanted.

Remember – if you don’t understand something that’s not your fault. It means that it hasn’t been explained in a way for you to understand, so another explanation is required.

Can’t wait to see you at a one-to-one Vocal Tuition session.

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