Art Academy

BHVA’s Art Academy adds the creative to our creative and performing arts Academies.

With a firm belief that the ability to draw is available to everyone, and it is a skill that can be taught, we look to inspire everyone who comes through our Academy to view the world through and artist’s eye.

Art Academy

Individual Tuition

Individual Tuition

Individual Tuition

Our individual tuition offers your he chance to have tailor-made sessions based on your goals and experience.

Looking at perspective, shape, composition, space, edges, scale, tone, and expression we will give you the tools (literally and figuratively) to put what you see down on to paper across a variety of mediums.

You’ll be able to draw utilising your toolbox of ‘drawing rules’, in no time at all.

Sessions start from £25 for half an hour.

Art Classes – Adults

You’re never too old to learn to draw, so why not help your mental well-being with a creative activity in a social environment?

Our 6-week courses will take you through a chance to discover and explore new techniques, ending with a scrapbook of skills and an art piece to take home with you.

In between sessions you benefit from access to our membership platform where resource sheets relating to each session are available and our online Facebook group where you can catch up with others from our Academies community.

Sessions are 90-minutes long and can either be done at our studios at The Yards, Kettering on a Tuesday evening, or you can ‘Talk, Walk and Draw’ at Rushden Lakes on a Monday afternoon.

Art Classes - Adults

Art Classes - Adults

Sessions start from £157 for a 6-week course, with a weekly payment plan available.

Art Squad

Art Squad gives children a chance to build friendships, confidence and grow their creativity.

Art Squad is split into Infants (Reception-Y2), Juniors (Y3-Y6), and Seniors (Y7+). Each 12-week term has a focus on technique and artistry using an inspirational theme. At the end of the 12-weeks each child will have a scrapbook to show off their new skills and understanding.

Art Squads meet on a Tuesday, term-time only, from 5pm.

12-week term   £67

6-week term   £35

Why not combine your membership with other Squads and access discounts and monthly payments?

Art Squad Infants

Art Squad Infants is for children aged 4 to 7 years old. It meets on a Tuesday at 5.45pm.

Art Squad Juniors

Art Academy

Art Squad Juniors is for children aged 7 to 11 years old. It meets on a Tuesday at 5pm.

Art Squad Seniors

Art Academy

Art Squad Seniors is for young people in secondary school. It meets on a Tuesday at 6.30pm.

Why not try our other Squads, and go for a combined membership?

Combined Squads Infants

Combined Squads Juniors

Combined Squads Seniors

Art Academy

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Roots Programmes

If you would love to set up a workplace art class or host a one-off workshop then our Roots programme is perfect for you.

Get in touch to discuss your requirements and we will be happy to help.


All sessions are back in person but you have the option to join online as we embrace hybrid working.

Following our risk assessments our studios are cleaned and ventilated after every session.