Academies Overview

Our BHVA academies programme mission is to offer evidence based arts tuition across all art forms. Currently we offer programmes in Voice and Dance. Within sessions we get to know our students, whether they are having 1 to 1 tuition or are being taught in a group, to ensure we provide them with the tools they need to develop, create and excel within their chosen art form.

BH Vocal Warm up
two Adult joy
Happy child

We are committed to facilitating and championing our students creativity and individuality. BHVA’s motto is to conform to non-conformity. We do not want to train everyone to be the same but ensure that all students have excellent technique that allows them to apply artistry to discover their own creative style.

All of our programmes are adapted and personalised to reflect the students in front of us in each session, ensuring all students individual needs and goals are catered for whether you are participating to develop personally, creatively or professionally.

adult classes
Piano playing

Within our academy programmes we offer 1 to 1 tuition, adult groups, and our Sing and Dance Squads range from pre-school to senior squads. We celebrate each others successes within our squads and through our news of the week. Our squads are a place where students can grow, build confidence and foster friendships that are based on shared interests, respect for everyones’ individual contributions, and the joy of being involved in an artist activity.

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Adult classes
Six Child Dance
For our Voice Academy
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