About Us

Beccy Hurrell Voice & Arts was created during the height of the Covid-19 Pandemic, when we had to instantly adapt and diversify from the ‘norm’.

The journey to Beccy Hurrell Voice & Arts

When the first lockdown of 2020 took place Beccy and Lindsey headed to the pavements to chat with each other across the road (often when the kids were in bed and sometimes with a drink in hand). These talks across the street led to deeper conversations about business and our values for teaching the arts.

These conversations quickly turned into ‘what would happen if we teamed up’. Suddenly ideas, dreams and scribbles became serious discussions and Beccy Hurrell Voice & Arts Limited (BHVA) was born.

Based at The Yards, Kettering, we bring the arts to the High Street. We want to make the arts accessible to all, to empower people, develop artistry, and use them to create down barriers to learning, work, and society.

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Beccy and Lindsey

Breaking barriers with the arts

Creativity and the arts play a huge part in meeting the health and social care challenges associated with ageing, loneliness, long-term conditions and mental health. Don’t take our word for it, the statistics are compelling.

Arts Council 2021 statistics:

  • 1 in 5 people increased their arts engagement in the early months of the pandemic. Arts engagement played a key role in supporting mental health in the UK and internationally.
  • Time spent on the arts was associated with increases in life satisfaction and decreases in symptoms of depression and anxiety.
  • Certain groups experiencing greater challenges particularly drew on the arts, including health and social care professionals, younger adults older adults and parents.
  • Arts engagement helped people use certain psychological strategies for coping and emotion regulations, including distraction techniques, social connection with other learning new skills and engaging the mind.

Our Staff

We are proud to celebrate each individual that walks through our doors at BHVA, and support everyone to grow and flourish as their unique self. This starts with our staff.

Beccy Hurrell – Director

About us

Lindsey Atkins – Director

Lindsey Atkins

Sally Hunt – Art Tutor

Esmie Jappy – Drama Tutor

Esmie Jappy

About Beccy

I’m passionate about singing, music and the arts and helping others to grow in confidence as they discover their true voice.

I’ve been singing for almost 30 years, and have been lucky enough to perform all-around the world before I took up teaching in 2009, offering flute, piano and voice lessons, before focussing on vocal lessons when I began my MA.

I’ve helped set up Rother Community Choir as their Music Director, based in Bexhill, East Sussex. Since relocating to Northamptonshire in 2013, and I’ve been MD for NN10 Community Voices, Rushden Amateur Theatrical Society. I have also worked as a resident singing teacher at the prestigious Emil Dale Academy, a musical theatre school near London, and grown my teaching practice.

I have an MA in Vocal Pedagogy, and have completed Estill Levels 1 and 2 with Voice Your Potential (Charlotte Xerri), as well as attending courses each year to continue my own professional development.

Beccy Hurrell Voice Academy started at the end of 2018, as part of my continued professional practice development. During the first part of my MA in Vocal Pedagogy I wanted to find a more affordable solution for people who wanted to sing, so looked at evidence-based ways of teaching groups which encouraged learning and discovering as well as singing songs together.

Beccy Hurrell Voice Academy came out of that, along with my adult and kids group classes (Harmonix and Sing Squad). I also began supporting other singing teachers with my subject knowledge of the voice as well as sharing my experience of running my own voice academy to support their businesses to grow.

The second part of my MA in Vocal Pedagogy focussed in on the acoustics of the singing voice. I think this where we can have the most fun with our voice, and the more I learn, the more I am able to help singers achieve the sounds that they’re after. My focus is emotional intent and how it can be used to aid singing teaching.

As a level 7 qualified coach I have the skills and experience to guide singers with goal setting, overcoming obstacles in their learning and helping students to change their mindset to develop their vocal identity.

I’m lucky to have some fabulous mentors who include Dr. Jenevora Williams, the UK’s leading voice researcher and teacher on children and adolescent voices, and Kenneth Bozeman, who is viewed as one of the leading voice practitioners in vocal acoustics.

I love continuing my education in voice to help my students out more. If you have a question about the voice and I cannot answer it, I will go away to find out the answer for you.

About Lindsey

I started my love of Arts from an early age where I trained in Ballet, Tap, Modern and Jazz through the study of RAD and IDTA syllabi. From the age of 14 I discovered my passion for teaching early years Dance and gained my student teachers qualification and taught lessons 3 days a week at evenings and weekends. I also studied Violin and Piano playing in youth orchestra’s and took lead dancer and acting roles in numerous Musicals. I was that child growing up that quietly got on through school but my happy place, where I thrived, found an outlet for both personal and artistic expression and growth and shared joy with friends was with my Dance, Music and Performing Arts Family.

On completing school there was only one thing I wanted to pursue and that was my love of the arts and arts education so I embarked on a Degree in Contemporary Arts where I was lucky enough to combine both Dance and Music into my studies. It was here when I worked with many visiting professional Artists that I learnt to discover my own creative voice and developed my passion for contemporary choreography.

A project I participated in with Wayne McGregor was a huge turning point in my approach to arts education. Prior to this, I was part of the machine where we have all seen the children all trained to look the same, work to have the right body shape, move the same, rehearse until you have perfected the movement to exactly mimic the ideal shape and position that we have been shown and told we must become, then I witnessed Wayne McGregor dance in a small studio.

His technique was flawless, you could see the training he had had but he used this to move in such a free and expressive way, he explored how his body moved differently to others and how due to his tall stature, long limbs and flexibility he could move in ways that other people couldn’t, he used his training and technique to celebrate what was unique about himself, to bring his unique style and physical characteristics to life.

Once I had witnessed and participated in this work I discovered a new freedom of expression and this was something I wanted to share and pass on. So upon leaving University I worked in Higher Education supporting students with choreographic processes before training to teach in the secondary sector. I then continued to teach in Northamptonshire Schools for nearly 16 years teaching GCSE, BTEC and A Level Dance, Creative Arts Diploma, Media Studies and KS3 Drama, Music and Art.

As Head of Dance developing Dance provision within schools, supporting primary schools’ delivery of Dance education and training trainee Dance Teachers before Leading a successful Expressive Arts department where I led whole school training initiatives, organised Arts Festivals, Arts trips and residential, Productions, Community Projects, implementing curriculum design and ensuring the consistent delivery of high-quality Arts provision.

During my time in these roles, I had the privilege to be able to be part of so many wonderful student journeys to discover their own artistic voice. The moment you see a student find their own creative voice, and the confidence to express it, is such an honour and joy to witness and be part of.

I left teaching in January 2019 due personal trauma and wanted/needed to take time out with my wonderful children to take stock and pause before embarking on the next part of my/our journey. Although sometimes events can change our perspective and make us question what we want, I have discovered again the joy that I have always felt from a young age through engaging in Arts activities, specifically Dance, and that this joy, freedom, release and creativity never goes away. So now more than ever I am driven to share my passion for Dance and the benefits that quality arts education and provision provides to all who engage with it. And I am privileged to be working with an inspiring practitioner and vocal coach in Beccy who shares my passion and beliefs. I look forward to meeting you here at BHVA and helping you discover and celebrate your individuality along your artistic journey.

About Sally

I am a firm believer that art is a teachable set of rules for you to create your own work. I love to teach, and have been teaching and selling my artwork for a number of years.

With a BA(Hons) in Illustration I believe passionately that the natural ability to draw is both scientific and teachable. I love to see others experience the world through an artists eyes – it’s stunning.

I also do commissions and have my own merchandise you can purchase.

About Esmie

The arts have always been my outlet from a young age, with my happy place being on stage – feeling the rush of adrenaline and sharing that enjoyment with others. Since moving through my career and exploring different pathways I have since found my passion develop into enabling and aiding others that same feeling as I once had.

I studied Acting at the Arts University of Bournemouth and went on to tour a Theatre in Education piece in schools across the country. I then began teaching after school drama clubs and 1 to 1 tutoring before qualifying as a Secondary school Drama teacher whereby I taught a range of skills across years 7 – 13. I then progressed into Primary school teaching and knew I have a strong love of teaching others. I have since left teaching due to personal reasons but still very much enjoy the buzz and lightbulb moments you often find as a teacher. I am looking forward to sharing my love of Drama and the Arts with you through BHVA!