About Beccy Hurrell Voice Academy In Kettering

Hi! I’m Beccy, and I’m the person behind Beccy Hurrell Voice Academy.

I’m passionate about singing, helping and watching people grow in confidence, and showing people their true voice. That’s why I’m happy to use my name as my business.

I’ve been singing for almost 30 years, performing internationally as well as nationally, and have been teaching since 2009.

As a level 7 qualified coach I can help singers with goal setting, overcoming obstacles in your learning, and helping you to change your mindset to your vocal identity. For teachers, I can offer guidance on subject knowledge on voice, and use my own experience of running businesses to help you grow yours.

I had a break from music in my mid-20s due to personal reasons, and instead ran business centres in London and became involved in project management and policy writing in local government. However, I couldn’t stay away from singing and started teaching in 2009. I’ve helped set up Rother Community Choir as their Music Director, based in Bexhill, East Sussex. Since relocating to Northamptonshire in 2013, I’ve been MD for NN10 Community Voices, Rushden Amateur Theatrical Society, and grown my teaching practice.

As well as having my own voice academy, I am also a resident music teacher at Emil Dale Academy, a Musical Theatre School near London. I have an MA in Vocal Pedagogy, and have completed Estill Levels 1 and 2 with Voice Your Potential (Charlotte Xerri), as well as attending courses each year to continue my own professional development.

Beccy Hurrell Voice Academy In Kettering

The Beccy Hurrell Voice Academy In Kettering started at the end of 2018, as part of my continued professional practice development. During the first part of my MA in Vocal Pedagogy I wanted to find a more affordable solution for people who wanted to sing, so looked at evidence-based ways of teaching groups which encouraged learning and discovering as well as singing songs together. Beccy Hurrell Voice Academy came out of that, along with my adult and kids group classes (Harmonix and Sing Squad).

The second part of my MA in Vocal Pedagogy focussed in on the acoustics of the singing voice. I think this where we can have the most fun with our voice, and the more I learn, the more I am able to help singers achieve the sounds that they’re after. My focus isemotional intent and how it can be used to aid singing teaching.

I’m lucky to have some fabulous mentors who include Dr.Jenevora Williams, the UK’s leading voice researcher and teacher on children and adolescent voices, and Kenneth Bozeman, who is viewed as one of the leading voice practitioners in vocal acoustics.

I love continuing my education in voice to help my students out more. If you have a question about the voice and I cannot answer it, I will go away to find out the answer for you.

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